Frisco Fest featuring the Catty Carnival!

Your favorite Cool Kids are partnering with our pals in Rogers for the 34th annual Frisco Fest this Labor Day weekend!

This year's Frisco Fest will be bigger and better than ever.  There will be a huge Catty Carnival Craft Show that's going to be amazing!  If you'd like to join us you can apply here:


 Applications will be open until June 11.  

In 1984, Frisco Festival celebrates Rogers’ heritage in a spirited way that showcases our city’s rich traditions and promotes community pride. On the last weekend of August, more than 25,000 people descend on Downtown Rogers to enjoy this two-day festival of music, food and fun.

The Frisco Railroad was built in 1881, the founding of Rogers, and the Frisco Festival honors the city’s railroad heritage. With Frisco Park, Frisco Stage, and the nearby Frisco caboose as its centerpieces, the annual festival spreads activities throughout the entire downtown neighborhood.

One of the best times in the life of a community is when they come together to celebrate, and this is your invitation to be a part of the celebration in the greater Rogers community.

This year Cattywampus will have a huge craft show within the event. We're very excited to merge our unique brand of arts and crafts with this event!